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Everyone is looking for the most efficient and cost-effective way to treat depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Who can blame you? It’s not easy living with depression and anxiety. If you’re considering ketamine therapy as a treatment option, you may be wondering which form of ketamine to choose. IV ketamine infusion therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years. Still, other forms of ketamine therapy may be more suitable depending on your situation. At-home sublingual/oral ketamine administered under the guidance of Safe Haven Health can provide an effective and safe at-home alternative to IV infusions.

What Is At-Home Ketamine Sublingual Therapy?

Home ketamine therapy involves taking a specific dose of sublingually (under the tongue) administered ketamine, guided by one of Safe Haven’s licensed practitioners. During this session, patients will remain in their own homes for the treatment and have access to a practitioner via video or phone call to ensure safety throughout the process.

The Benefits

Home ketamine therapy provides numerous benefits when compared with IV infusions. The biggest advantage? Cost savings! The average cost of an IV infusion treatment is upwards of $700 per session, equaling $8400-1000 for two months of treatment, while At Home ketamine therapy with Safe Haven Health is $350 per month ($700 for two months of treatment). Not only can this save you money upfront, but it also allows you to pay out-of-pocket rather than using insurance—which means no required pre-authorizations or additional out-of-pocket expenses associated with insurance plans. Suppose you would like to use insurance for your initial consultation. In that case, you have that option with Safe Haven Health, which is not likely at in-person clinics. Other benefits include convenience—no need to travel—and comfort—you get to stay in your own home during appointments!

Safety & Effectiveness

The safety and effectiveness of at-home ketamine treatment are equal to that of IV infusions when administered under the guidance of a licensed practitioner like those at Safe Haven Health. In fact, clinical studies show that sublingual administration can produce similar results as intravenous administration in regard to anti-depressant efficacy with fewer side effects overall. As long as patients adhere strictly to safe dosing guidelines provided by their doctor, At Home ketamine treatment is completely safe and effective for treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, and more!

At-home ketamine therapy can relieve depression without all the hassle associated with traditional IV infusions! Not only does it provide convenience—no need for travel—but it also comes with significant cost savings over conventional treatments making it much more accessible for those who cannot afford higher-priced therapies such as IV infusions. Most importantly, though, this method is just as safe and effective as traditional treatments when administered by experienced professionals like Safe Haven Health! Consider giving at-home ketamine therapy a try today if you’re looking for an affordable yet highly effective way to manage your depression symptoms!