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Are you looking for relief from depression and anxiety? Then it’s time to consider ketamine treatment. Ketamine is a powerful dissociative anesthetic that has gained attention for its benefits as a treatment for depression and anxiety. At-home ketamine treatment involves taking a sublingual troche, a tablet that dissolves under the tongue. This method of administration has been shown to be effective in clinical studies.

Safe Haven Health is a virtual mental health clinic specializing in at-home ketamine treatment for depression and anxiety. We take safety seriously, so we conveniently provide 100% access to a provider and coach through a messaging platform. This means that all patients can access medical professionals who can answer any questions or concerns about their treatment. Our treatment process and at-home administration allow individuals access to this lifesaving treatment more conveniently and affordably.

Safe Haven Health’s at-home ketamine programs provide individuals with the support they need to overcome challenges and achieve their desired outcomes. Our ketamine treatment plan consists of 8 ketamine treatment sessions monthly, or two times a week. With our plan, you’ll get access to a monthly ketamine consultation, medication delivery (cost separate), and unlimited messaging with your provider and psychedelic coach. Let’s take a closer look at each plan and how it can help you find relief from depression and anxiety.

Safe Haven Health Ketamine Treatment Program

For clients looking to start or continue their ketamine treatment, our ketamine treatment plan is a great option. This consists of one dose of ketamine every 3-4 days (8 ketamine treatments monthly). With this regimen, patients may feel the dissociative effects and may require some downtime as their body adjusts to the higher doses of ketamine. However, by following the recommended regimen, patients should be able to find relief from symptoms of depression or anxiety quickly and stay on top of them throughout their course of treatment.

Patients will typically start between 100 and 200 mg every 3 days and will be optimized appropriately based on their symptoms and tolerability of the medication. The maximum dose that is typically prescribed throughout our program is 500 mg, up to three times weekly, or 1500 mg maximum for the week.

Safe Haven Health’s ketamine program is designed to be convenient and accessible, allowing clients to receive treatment without leaving their homes. Our program includes the support of a provider and coach who is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

At Safe Haven Health, we understand that everyone’s journey is different when it comes to finding relief from depression and anxiety through ketamine treatment. If you’re ready for a new beginning or long-lasting peace through safe and effective home ketamine treatment, contact us today! We’re here to help guide you through every step of your recovery journey!