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Safe Haven Health Ketamine Treatment Process

Safe Haven Health’s priority is to provide safe and effective guided ketamine treatment from the comfort of your home. Our treatment process and at-home administration allow individuals access to lifesaving treatment more conveniently and affordably.

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At-Home Ketamine Treatment with 100% Support

New Beginnings is a Macrodose Ketamine treatment program for clients looking to start or restart Ketamine. Long-Lasting Peace is a Microdose Ketamine treatment program for clients looking to maintain their symptom remission or for clients who can’t tolerate macrodoses of Ketamine.

While in any of our ketamine programs, you have 100% access to a mental health provider and a coach specializing in ketamine.

The Medication, Dosing, & Administration

For the New Beginnings Plan, clients can expect to take two doses of oral Ketamine per week for the first four weeks. On week 5, one macrodose of Ketamine will be taken. Patients typically start at 100-200 mg twice weekly for the first week to assess medication tolerance and side effects. If the medication is well-tolerated, the dose will be maintained or increased to 200-300 mg twice weekly. The highest dose prescribed is 400 mg twice weekly, except for the last week. In the fifth week, patients take a higher dose for the week and will only take one dose.

For the Long-Lasting Peace Plan, clients can expect to take a microdose of Ketamine daily. Microdoses require fewer restrictions; individuals typically won’t require downtime with these doses. The average starting dose is 25 mg daily of Ketamine and can go as high as 150 MG daily. Patients will stop at the dose they are experiencing the most benefit with and continue it daily until complete remission is reached; then, the time between doses can increase. Microdoses are usually maintained between 3-6 months and then weaned off. Patients can continue treatment if there is a return of symptoms, or patients have the option of restarting their inductions series.

The Safe Haven Health Way

While in the program, you will be asked to track your mood, depressive, and anxiety symptoms using scales provided through our downloadable app.
After the first few months of ketamine treatment, most individuals will reach their baseline of improvement. At your baseline, you will remain on the same dose of ketamine, but it will be spaced out further.

If oral/sublingual ketamine is not adequate for you or you are not getting the desired results, you may be referred for in-person intravenous or intramuscular ketamine.

At Safe Haven Health, we are huge advocates of therapy with your ketamine treatment. If you do not have a current therapist, we will refer you to therapists specializing in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

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